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    Sharing is caring

    This quote is particularly true. Sharing is definitely turning us into better earthlings. In our consumer society, considered consumption is the main contribution we can make to protect the earth’s resources and leave something sustainable for coming generations. We are currently sharing loads and even more and more private stuff: our cars, our homes, our Wi-Fi, our Netflix accounts. Mobility is also becoming a shared object as Car-Sharing and Airbnb allow us to partake in someone else’s resources and offer ours at the same time. And now, something interesting happens, which one could call the “anonymity-effect”. Be honest to yourself: when staying in a hotel room, can you, hand on…

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    Sustainable living in a “hole”

    Sleeping in the “hole”: A luxury hotel in an open pit mine is opening near the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai. The 18-storey building was built into the walls of a huge quarry, 16 of the floors are below the surface of the earth, two of them even under water. Due to the location within the abandoned mine, the building is considered to be environmentally friendly. Using solar energy and geothermal energy, the hotel also wants to produce enough energy to meet its daily needs. Source: Spiegel Online >>