Urban Cycling

Cyclists and the Seasons

Nothing quite shows seasons as an early morning road populated with urban cyclists on their way to work. Horses and dogs sense earthquakes earlier than humans do – same goes for cyclists and changing seasons. While the average U-Bahnee, Tramee and Trainee (no pun intended) still feels cuddled by yesterday’s summer heat, the cyclists flash their first delicate weapon in form of a silk scarf or a light hat to oppose to less gentle early-morning breezes brought to us by autumn itself.

The more and more our streets are filled with these more and more masquerading fellow humans, the more it dawns to public transportation users that times are indeed changing, that the tide is indeed turning, that … the metaphor runs out of comparisons… BUT that the weather forecast in form of a highly sensitive human barometer is better to be noted and taken seriously if one does not want to freeze very soon.

Gloriously, the concept works the other way around as well. As soon as summer is tenderly heralding, cyclists lose ever more of their once heavy winter fur in form of thick layers, woollen sweaters and protective head coverings. This then climaxes in the finale liberation of leaving your gloves at home for the first time this year. Oh if we were there already and could just skip the gruesome winter.

Summer – be back soon, our love, we miss you already!

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