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Runway Railway

Critic to these days fashion goddesses and gods sometimes sounds something like “When in everyone’s name should I wear that screaming yellow puffy one shoulder brocade sequin cropped designer tee?” While strolling down a runway this extravagant piece of fashion sure looks good but what about the rest of us who rather take the railway than the runway?

As established many times in the course of this blog in its fledgling yet aspiring years, style is not only what to wear (and to wear it first) but far more a style of living. It is also not having to show off what we purchased in our last shopping escapade – mostly to that co-worker or ”friend” of ours who shocked us with their nonchalant way of wearing that Moschino x H&M piece this spring. It is being comfortable with oneself and the good thing is: most of us already know it!

Who does not know it or who rather does not care is the fashion industry. Every season they try to outrun themselves and their competition. They try so hard to be new, fresh and all those words we can not hear anymore by showing one extravaganza after the other. It was common practice for a very long time to divide the fashion year into spring and fall collection. But times are changing, time is flying and the ever hungry fashion crowd wanted more. Now, fashion designers have to basically tear themselves apart and deliver not only spring and fall collections but so-called resort, cruise, and pre-fall collections in-between and all around. What a life!

In order to stay top-notch, avant-garde enfant terribles of skirts’n’trousers, the fashion world is losing its cool. Way worse: they are making us lose ours. But we shouldn’t. We should redirect our gaze from the runways of this world to the railways of this world, and admire what we see there. For me, the railway is just the best runway in the world because it mirrors our multiethnicity, our plurality, the everyday true and reliable unfiltered beauty surrounding us. It is hassle-free and can ground us fundamentally.

Oh boy, do I not want to see this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show…

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