Move in Singapore

Right of Way — There is a sternly enforced expectation that embarking and aligning from the train will happen in an orderly manner – a distinct contrast from many other cities in the region. In order to do so, passengers waiting to enter the car wait in lines to the left and right of the doors. As the train arrives at the station, those leaving the MRT exit through the center walkway first and then the passengers board the car.

Reserved Seating — The seats closest to the doors are strictly reserved for the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, or parents with children. Many times, even during rush hour, the spaces will be left empty in the event that someone in need will board the train. Poster messaging throughout the train system reminds passengers that giving them the seat is ‘the right thing to do.”

No Food or Drink — The Singaporean MRT system is notoriously well maintained. The floors and seats are remarkably grime free compared to the state of many metro systems worldwide. One of the reasons the cars are able to stay so spotless is because all consumption of food and drink is banned; even a small sip of water is against the rules.

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